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HELP !! Non starter
« on: August 31, 2022, 10:30:06 AM »
Good morning, so we went on holiday and I disconnected the negative battery terminal so the car would be immobilised, anyway we got back and I reconnected it , the car drove fine for a week and now the car wonít crank over and all the dash lights go mad, it started off with check airbag and then check power steering , they have both gone away now since I fully charged the battery, the car still wonít crank over, I tried to jump start it and then it barely cranked over , I donít know whatís going on, I recently put a new battery in the key fob as that was playing up aswell, the car started and drove fine after that, anyway itís stuck on our drive now, the car is 4 years old with 15k on the clock , Iím currently charging the battery again to see if that helps